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Change the world or go home !!

story of a morning stare…


With first gesture of the morn,
As the world begins to outline.
In the faint smudge of darkness I stare;
For glimpse of a span lost in time.

The dark trunks of willows,
Slowly in the grey they show.
Start to whisper an enigma
As all their secrets follow.

Patches of green with a road
With a sunken track gets sketched.
Sweet memory of those picnic spots
From the days of school get fetched.

Yes… a red road to nowhere.
Frozen slurry and damp..
Adumbrated loud on canvas,
Along the stretches of a foggy cramp.

Muddy shadows of houses in brick,
Scattered in the field appear.
Like tiny black mushrooms grow overnight
Slowly.. when the dim started to clear.

The air still hazy and chill,
so serene thoughts they pump.
Is it a road to the mackerel,
Through that blue smear on the hump?

All the flowers out there
In the morning lento bloom,
Without the fear of being robbed in time..
So if you dream to chase that dawn
for a backslide there is no room.

Soon..the shadows slide to the ridges
As the breeze begins to rhyme
In harmony to actualize the dream,
All my fears sublime…

Strung to your smile
These visions loud!!
Someday on that mount…
We ll date like that cloud

Yes its a dream…
For a dawn to be,
An early morn,
For just you and me…

Protected: A page from the diary of August 26th, 2009…


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the Delhi Meet…


Okiedokes… At first i wanted to capture this but then I didnt……. and then something happened … Surabhi, the hostess of the meet wrote a post and re-ignited the passions to the dying flame… So herez a random capture of what all happened at the Delhi Meet on August 2, 2009… yea yea.. that was friendship day… A community from orkut planned to meet after almost an year of planing shanning…. proposing and conforming to all the pre-reqs of the meet :P

Agendas… None

Venue: CCD (:P i dont rem what was that place) in New Delhi :D

Time: 12 mid noon

Who All? umm… we know each other for an year now, online that is; these ubercool identities finally thought its time to break out of the coccoon.. but only five of us were brave enough for this frogging :P

Members who finally made it:

Surabhi – the humor queen hostess

Saurabh – What next??

Who am I aka Priy – I am yet to find me :P

Shiney – Am cool !! :)

Navin – I ll capture all of this :P


So on to the story rightaway… I was told there is a meet coming up on August 2nd and i thought “okay it ll be fun!!”…… It surely was!! :D

Just as a matter of fact from past experiences I had my plan B ready I took a book with me just incase…. you know… noone turns up :P yes that happens here in delhi :P specially if its general community other any software thing or entrepreneurial thing…. ppl just dont turn up… :/ Anyway back the story…

I entered the scene… and here z what it was like… I noted two people going yak yak yak and one sitting in a corner observing them kind of silently :P the best part was, they didnt realise, that they changed gears and overtook this candidate whenever she had somethin to say :P bechari…. n somethng quiet astonishing was the fact that the queen wanted to stay longer but the maharajical majesty was bored after he was left with no spice to curry his “What next”….

And our very own humour guru Surabhi .. well her potential is unquestionable and she mantained the pace right throughout :D

Girl you have some talent!! a perfect gossip guerilla …. hats off to her energy and wit !!

whatever came out of her bag was strictly confidential but so very bloggable :P also i must say there was fellow who gained all the focus of the hocus pocus :P right from the start towards the end…. :P I dont recall his name.. but he is known for proposing all the dames in the community :D “Do you have a bry frand? :P ” Okay agreed.. thats too much masala :P

then aayee thodi late lateef who had not clue of the time… or even who she was…. ”who am I?” :P she kept observing people… blushing at intervals… excusing herself for a bad throat :P whenever the needle was pointed to her :P but later on we found out that she z known for her love for pizzas and couches in pizza hut :P

But……..If there is one person who made the most of the meet was who else but Nivi…. She called to speak to everyone and boy she got all the chance to talk to so many of em… “Satsreeakal from Simranjeet”… “hello from Spriglief” (aka Springleaf; courtesy Surabhi)…. kya haal hai from Megha……. and so on….. kya kismat he uski :P and she believed all of it :P LOL!! All the roles and mimickry was again Courtesy the humour queen…. who else Sur madam :P

Yea… One more fellow barged in towards the end of the meet :P and the instant reaction from Priy was to put her bag on the seat just in case…. this gentleman accompanying another fine gentleman who was no less than a model (no kidding here) came right in asked for the phone… made the calls to 911 :p and then flinged the chair and confronted the mankind with the most perplexing gesture.. Hello!! meet?? AP :P

and then vanished in the dark like a shaktiman… boy was he quick…. and determined to just do his job the call i.e. 911 and back to evergreen eversville like Stallone…. kya entry thi by god !! :D

Finally towards the end of the meet our very own christopher columbus; the explorer who literally found half the members onboard and was the so called hostess of the meet who was multitasking all this while …. celebrating a bday party simultaneously; meeting a fella and playing brownie brownie yes papa :P …. dogfighting humor banter with another onboard pilot…. and manuevering the meet proceedings…. also gossiping abcd to xyz…. was finally silenced and quietened and brought under controlled counselling environment :P (that can be another big post .. how n what)….

Waise Surabhi has it defined and very clear either guys in her life are “brother kind of thing” i guess instantly she decides who to put in that category and who in the other :P

tch tch … so many things happened in those six hours..where Saurabh had to control the sync of where thngs are going with his “What next?” We wonder wat made him leave so early :P “What next?”

So What next? :P

I guess tht shd sum up somewat… though I can go on and on with all the things that happened … so many still to cover … may be next time ;)

And i realised we have an invisible monitoring committee at AP :P who keeps all the whereabouts of who z going around wid whom.. and who is seeing whom… and also wat are future probables :P

BEWARE GUYS!!! You are under vigilance !!! and call for thy god if SPOTTED  by the Gossip guerrillas!!! :P


All this is spiced up banter… no offences meant and no intentions to hurt anyone … so take it lightly and enjoy the story :D Thank you for being patient if u read all this crap. :D U hv some forbearance!!!

… and next time .. try and be at the meet :P

Three princess’ and a dog… :P


Once upon a time,
ages ago,
there lived three sisters,
and a dog………
The sisters were the princess’
of the kingdom…
and the dog was I…

The legend has it;
they would always fight,
for every silly this n that;
and no one ever,
would even dream
to stay out of the mess,
or ever complain or cry…

Spending those two hours
in the power cut;
was the most exciting you see..
To make air bubbles
with the blank pen’s refill
BIGGEST in all that can be…

And soon it would turn
to a bugle from the bubble
and wage upon a war…
To fetch more light
from the lantern
they shared,
whilst in the darkest hour!

And that would result
in areas on mat,
to mark the four divides..
No not of anything hostile;
just to make em stay
in their plotted confines…

‘this is my space’
one would say.
‘you re the crossing the line’
- Another.
‘you better stay on ur side mister’
‘else…..I know’
‘how to get what’s mine’
‘….and forget that u re my brother’…

The youngest one,
would then take a lead,
and recite poems
in voices so loud…
Then so faithfully
to win back the glory lost,
I would double the pitch
of my sound!!

And when I speak
of voices bold
how can I not mention this..
when the princess’
would hunt the butterflies
in the gardens of yesterday
I would raise my staff
up in the air to say
‘I have the power’
‘Come to me for rescue if you may’!!

Now scenes have changed
and the times as well.
They live in the corners
of the big kingdom…
One longs to get back
and mix up well
hoping the days
shall soon again come!!!

To remember and cherish
those moments they lived once,
they send me a fine yarned thread…
and it binds us together
in warmth so firm;
and i just know it
that i am so BLESSED!!


This post is dedicated to my three sisters with whom i used to fight so much when i was a kid… we were made to sit n study 6-8 everyday… and my mom was very strict with the timings…. this post shares of what all adventures we had in that time… or even in the garden when I would pretend to be He-man with a sword :P and those funny enthusiastic retakes….. today i just captured it on the eve of rakhi :)

In response…


In response to Suchitra’s post

सूरते हाल बयाँ ज़िन्दगी का किया
पल भर मैं जीवन के हर पल को जिया |
लिखते तो सब हैं ए मेरे दोस्त,
पर आपके कलम ने जो शिरकत की
आसुओं के जाम को पीकर,
मानो जश्ने अमृत उगल दिया |

गुलामे – ज़िन्दगी होते हैं लोग
पर आपकी ज़िन्दानशि की उस बरकत को सलाम |
उस कलम की हरेक आडी तिरछी हरकत को सलाम,
हसरते ज़िन्दगी की हर उस हसरत को सलाम |

mail from the past…



There is a mail for you” – said Aakriti.

Its there on the computer table, neath the pen stand.

He was looking forward to some kind of correspondence from Saira. He was thinking all about it on his way back home; in a rickshaw, he took everyday, from office to home.  

It would be fancy to go out this time of the year, a stress-burster much needed. He had been planning this with Saira for long, and now was the time; a perfect time for a holiday.  The weather is beautifully benign, a cusp of winter and summer in the spring; the mornings were still misty and chilly, while the afternoons were one long stretch of breezeless sunshine, to its glory. The evenings steadily long, with a translucent grey sky, with gusts of clammy, cool breeze rattling thoughts, perfect for those longs walks, hand in hand, with a partner.

Should be from Saira” – he said. “I ll get it. Thank you.

He approached the computer table, to find a paper envelope, brown colored, with dirty hand stains of oil and ink. Curiously excited, he kept the packets down on the couch and reached for the mail. Inquisitively he picked it up to notice that it mentioned nothing about who sent it. He tore the envelope carefully, to find a folded piece of paper inside, which seemed to have something scribbled in it. A little distracted by the neighbour’s dog barking outside, he chuckled, stealing a look outside the window, as he unfolded it. It was just a one-liner.

Nandini is ill. Come soon.

Thoughts played like a violin in his head, trying to yield ramifications from the past. It was a mixed feeling; a dash of anger with fresh pangs of guilt and reproach. Upbraided, he dared not to remember it, but thoughts from the past, lingered, over and over, again and again. It was her own wish to go away; how easy it is, for people to get back to a life, they chose to leave behind, ages ago. Clouded with feelings of guilt, anger and despair he didn’t know which to chose, to go on with. Frustrations seemed to have clobbing him down already.

Who is it from, Darling?

Ah nothing.. Its mine.. Official.

But… she is ill” – he said to himself. “Or may be she doesn’t know it was sent to me. It mentions no name.

All this was so confusing, that it left him weary, with an unexpressed emotion. This bore him beads of perspiration on his forehead, as some flies whined around his ears, advising him, what he wanted or what should be the right thing to do.

Why the hell should I go?” – he thought.

Why now?

However, the compelling aspect, was his mysterious affinity, he still had for her, connected with strings untied, of times of intimacy they once had; among other things, in the bizarre concatenation of events, desires and emotions, that led them to be two kids, close at heart, whenever they met; pampering each other, sometimes also fighting resplendently, non-stop to the glory.

Has something seriously gone wrong with her? Why such a mail after so many years? Has something irrevocable happened? Or is it just a deliberate euphimism, as it is often, on the part of a cautious sender to tell people closely related, to seek their attention.

Was she dying?

No. That cant be…

Assailed by grim possibilities, thinking of the greyest of things, that could happen. He exclaimed - 

No that cant be. I shouldn’t be thinking all this. Despite everything that happened, she still means to me. No second thoughts.”

I ll go. I should go.” – he said.


(Continued at mail from the past – 2.)

I have not written a story in ages. Almost nine years. I was inspired to write for Tell a tale – Week 1 prompt. Shall finish this if it manages to catch the interest of readers.

The Virgo Man…


Taming fantasies in my life; Advocating against the clocK
Heading towards the ocean; to find a key to my lock.. As I plaN
Each nook and corner I scan.. Thoughts I need to attend tO

Value my trust to the brink.. but vulnerable was my arithmatiC
In every aspect I think.. Like you seeK
Rainbow when its never there; just an illusion to sink.. Struggling acrosS
Going as I please.. However foolish it may seeM
On a journey to accomplish the fallacy.. Pining to the extremE

Meddled.. Muted.. Murdered sometimes.. A chaos, that started long agO
Angry.. lost and devastated to know.. Settle.. stablize.. Identify selF
Now its time.. the time to find ME.. And restore that bricked belieF


This Double Acrostic is written for Acrostic Only.  The prompt was “The [Zodiac] Sign”. 

The Virgo man is known for his persistence, enthusiasm and a passion to explore. He is a chronic worrier but is tactful to find his way out of situations. He seeks perfection, can be difficult to get along with but values his relationships and ideas beyond belief. A Virgo man sets his own milestones, reforms, re-evaluates and rejuvenates his being :D  Too much good I know :P On the contrary sometimes this dreamer is confused to hell as well :P

Have tried a double acrostic for the first time :D yuhoo !! not bad eh :D

her.. :)


Well if you have spoken to her
You know the charm of her ‘HEY’
If you ve been with her
You ld always cherish her stay

No matter wat happens;
No matter wats wrong.
She has the charm,
To make you smile right away :D

When moments are odd;
And you dont know wat to say
She is always there.. Smiling :)
To make your day !!

She is a butterfly;
May her magic never die !!
May she always smile,
May she never cry !!

Always Sleep happy..
And Get up with a smile
Smile everyday ..
Smile every-while !!

Double it for every person you meet;
Triple it when you walk extra mile.
Tickle and tweet With every beat;
Coz you are a person with a heart so sweet.

May God Bless you !!
With the best in life
A life,
With no complains & no strife

May you achieve :)
Whatever you wanneto
And soon..
We ll find a monkey for you :D

And you must be wondering;
Why the hell did I ‘monkey’ say
Well monkey because
To match your spree,
Only a monkey can jump,
From tree to tree.

May you jump with joy
Like the monkey toy.
Capture all moments;
And start to enjoy !!

Try all jumps,
from how to wow :D
To practice the best,
You shd start trying now !!

A message that was meant;
To be short n simple; got long.
With you in the core,
It became a song !!

Dont go by words;
Dont go by its size.
Problems, you can handle it,
I know you are wise :)

Smile suits you;
And you suit smiling;
Tell me to flame it,
If you need any oiling :D

You must be thinking,
If all this makes any sense!
The idea is to bug you,
Without any offence.

And so I tried,
To plug this in.
Read it again,
And let the torture begin!

No harsh truths;
No evil plots.
Just aiding you with inventory
Of wild, random, chiseled thoughts !

Anything is better,
Than being sad.
Now you have your turn;
To drive me mad!!! :D

The madder it gets;
Sweeter it is..
Try Try Try sweetie
Now try to better this :D

Hehe .. how random can a muse be.. how lethal can it get.. but when I read it back I dont regret .. :P .. Random thoughts captured :D do not judge my sanity .. thats all i can say in my defence :P

who am I ?


Who am I ..
I am yet to know !
What is my purpose?
Where will I go?

An evangelist,
An enthusiast.
Yearn to know ..
And a wish to last.

Questions all over;
Scattered here and there.
Wanna answer them all,
But not a moment to spare.

I want to chose…
What drives me on?
But will that remain,
When am gone?

A dose of inspiration.
A dash of gain.
Lost in dreams…
Not a bad bargain !

Day donkey;
Throughout the day.
Tagged as nite owl;
Also u can say. :P

Yes …
I am emotional fool they say,
but when times are tough,
I handle, I conduct,
And thats enough !!

Aye captain!!
Am bolted to will;
A desire to win hearts,
And a void to fill.

Grant me lord ??
Each day something anew;
To smile at my doings,
And the wisdom to continue !!

Random thoughts on the move .. Yes i know … This was written for a prompt on Penoramatic Reveries Blog

the perrrfect Holi day …


Holi was great … Perrrrfectt !! … full of colors, water balloons, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, navrattan korma, chicken, sauce, curd n ofcourse mud n water … wondering if we used chicken, paneer or mud to play holi .. :P .. was totally unplanned, unexpected though .. but yes we did … the whole day we kidded around running after each other.. targetting new victims.. n then compromising targets.. ended relaxed and tired .. capturing those magical, energetic moments to our memories (visit My Flickr album).. but the fun, banter, jokes continued to the bowling alley, city mall and right through to Vrindaavan … we reached there at 4:17 am .. i dont remember when was the last time i had been to a temple … that too four in the morning (lol .. i get up only after seven or eight)… but whatever it was .. it was refreshing … a journey to ancient artistic traditions ..the morning in the temple starts with Hare Raama Hare Krsna bhajan … the bhajan was sweet … soft and auspicous to grace everyone present there .. the chimes, gongs, bells, shankhnad and clapping filled the air with some magic of great positive energy .. it was very energizing .. kinda rejuvenated us to life.. restoring the peace of mind we lose in our overly stressed lives .. now when i talk of energy …cant miss to discuss Vipul who hadnt actually slept for past 48 hours, did all of what we did the whole day, yet drove to and fro throughout the day .. and the whole night .. One hell of a job .. incredible energy n stamina .. Hats off !!!

who else can do that?? ONLY VIPUL .. VIPUL .. :P