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On my birthday, one of my very good friends, Cheistha, shared a quote by CS Lewis with me in an audio message. It made a lot of sense. It said -

“Friendship itself has no survival value, rather it is something that gives value to survival”

- CS Lewis

And in addition to that I believe, we as humans are nothing but stories and experiences. Why confine it?

Yet, we hook on to our friends and want them to hook on to us like parasites in a symbiotic relationship. Friendship is not a contract. Neither an investment. It is just a happy zone that we associate to and term it friendship.

I do not really agree that you will and can have only 2 or 3 friends in your entire lifetime. If you are human enough you will connect and touch many in your lifetime from different circles around you. I agree not all of them who are friendly are your friends, but you ll still have so many to share with. Let the circles intersect; and be honest, than being scared of your vulnerabilities and oddities in life. Life is much simpler if you just be.

Friendship is about acceptance. By categorizing it in a quantity of 2 versus many, profiling it for this versus that, will only spoil it.

I have many friends from different circles of my life and I am happy that I do. Everybody cant be there for everything that happens around you but some will always be there and it is a happy zone to be in.

Have as many as you want. Deal with as few as you want. Neither of the two choices is good or bad.

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